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HOTBIN Mini (100) Plinth - Horsham

HOTBIN Mini (100) Plinth - Horsham

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More about the Plinth

How do I install the plinth?

  1. Position the plinth on a level surface in its desired location. Ensure the front of the plinth is facing you, the front will have the logo on it (see image).
  2. Following the safety guidance (below), with assistance if required, carefully move the HOTBIN into place on top of the plinth ensuring the unit is aligned centrally inside the plinth recess.

Health & Safety

For safety reasons, we recommend that the HOTBIN is empty before it is lifted onto the plinth. The HOTBIN can be extremely heavy with waste inside.

Think before you lift!

  • DO ask for help if you think you are going to find moving the HOTBIN difficult.
  • DO keep children and pets away whilst installing the plinth and moving the HOTBIN.
  • DO NOT lift the plinth with the HOTBIN on top.

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