About Us

HOTBIN is focused on re-educating people that home composting can really make a significant impact on how much waste is diverted from landfill using a composting system that is safe, easy to use and can recycle a wider variety of waste types.

What We Do

We design, manufacture, and sell, highly insulated, highly efficient hot composting bins that redefine what home composting can be.

HOTBIN has been engineered to reach high temperatures between 40-60°C, the bin locks in the power of bacterial generated heat to compost all your household waste rapidly, producing nutrient-rich compost in as little as 30 to 90 days. That is a huge 32 times faster than traditional cold composting methods.

No need for a BIG space, a LARGE heap, or any back-breaking turning and tumbling. With HOTBIN, composting becomes an effortless part of your weekly routine. Just add keep adding waste, and let HOTBIN do the rest.

Why We Do What We Do

At HOTBIN, we're not just about composting; we're about transforming the way people see their waste.
Don’t Bin It, Compost It!

There are hundreds of organic household waste items, that can be composted and all you need is the right tools and a little bit of knowhow. Reducing waste, replenish your soil for plant and food production, decreasing your environmental impact and improving your soils ability to pull Co2 out of the air and trap carbon.

The price of shop bought compost is going up and the quality is going down, HOTBIN compost is obviously peat-free and dealing with your waste stops waste from ending up in the landfill.

Did You Know? Composting at home for just one year can save global warming gases equivalent to all the CO2 your kettle produces annually, or your washing machine produces in three months?

We believe composting is something we all need to do more of irrespective of whether you use a HOTBIN or a different kind of bin. It’s all about finding the right composter for your needs.

The Origins Story

HOTBIN was invented by Tony Callaghan in collaboration with Engineered Foam Products back in 2010. However, Tony’s love for all things compost started back when he was 15, down on the allotment where his kind allotment neighbour, about 70 years his senior passed on the keys to successful composting. Life was good and so was the compost!

Years and years went by, and it wasn’t until later in life Tony started composting again, but this time at home and unsuccessfully. Messy and unruly pallet systems and dalek style bins that took all the waste but failed to produce any level of consistent quality compost in over a year was not proving very rewarding! The last straw was a rat jumping out of the compost bin in the direction of Tony’s wife and the following ultimatum.

“You have two choices, either sort it out or STOP Composting”
Elaine Callaghan circa 2008

The latter option did not sound favourable to Tony so this set it him down a new path. Down a path of composting science, research, and discovery. Paying specific attention to composting more waste types, faster without the problems of odours and pests and exploring what factors determine the speed and efficiency of successful composting.

Armed with this knowledge Tony got to work and built his first HOTBIN prototype. Not much later he worked with manufacturing partner Engineered Foam Products (EFP), the HOTBIN composter was launched in November 2011 and then sold to EFP in 2013 two years later. With first time advertising in Gardeners' World and RHS The Garden magazines the re-launch of this next generation compost bin was off to a flying start.

Our Story So Far

Since 2011 the HOTBIN brand has grown in popularity and been developed further.

HOTBIN has been featured on Radio 2 Drivetime Show 2011, The Alan Titchmarsh Show 2013, Beechgrove Gardens 2016, Saturday Morning with James Martin 2019, The Gadget Show 2023 and in The Telegraph 2012 as one of the three best compost bins and the Guardian 2014. The HOTBIN has also received the seal of approval from well-respected gardener Alys Fowler, RHS Gold medallist garden designer Robert Barker and former editor of Gardeners' World magazine, Adam Pasco.

In 2019 the updated HOTBIN 200 Litres was launched alongside the new HOTBIN Mini 100 Litres which was awarded the RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year 2019. In 2022 the HOTBIN Mega 450 Litres & 700 Litres were launched due to a growing demand for a hot composting solution on a larger scale.

We are thankful to all our loyal customers and retail partners who have been on this journey with us, they are as passionate about composting as we are and have helped to make the HOTBIN brand what it is today.

What’s Next for HOTBIN?

Firstly this, our new website, our goal was to create a space that educates users and supports customers on their own HOTBIN journey.

Thinking ahead the plan is further service improvements and product innovation, we will continue to listen to customer feedback in the endeavour to make the HOTBIN the best composter it can possibly be.

Together we can stay peat free, reduce waste and recycle more at home.