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Woodchip (Bulking Agent)

Woodchip (Bulking Agent)

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HOTBIN is an aerobic compost bin. It relies on the composting bacteria having access to an oxygen supply in order for them to survive and work efficiently.

The addition of wood chippings assists airflow within the unit and helps to eliminate the need for turning or rotating your waste. When added to the bin, the structure of the bulking agent's woody particles create lots of little air pockets which allows air to circulate more freely through your HOTBIN.



Woodchip supplied by HOTBIN is sustainably sourced from native hardwood trees. It has been stored for a minimum of 4 months so is already partially composted, making it less visible in your finished compost.

Shipping & Returns

The HOTBIN Mini and HOTBIN 200 are supplied with a 25ltr bag of woodchip to help you get stared and should last approx. 3 months

We offer FREE UK Mainland delivery (5-10 working days) on wood chip orders.

Regretfully we are unable to ship woodchip orders outside of UK Mainland (inc Scottish highlands and Islands),

We accept returns within 30 days in line with our terms and conditions. You can find our returns policy here.

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Woodchip FAQs

How long will it last?

In a Standard 200 Litre HOTBIN

50 litres: 4-6 months (approx)
100 litres: 8-12 months (approx)

(consumption will vary user by user and last longer with the smaller HOTBIN Mini)

How is it delivered?

Delivered in a recyclable (compostable) cardboard box and recyclable black bag made from recycled material. Reuse these bags to store your finished compost.

Note: Our Woodchip (Bulking agent) is shipped in 50 litre bags. Orders will consist of one bag for 50 litres and two bags for 100 litres

Does it need to be dry?

It is not essential for woodchip to be dry as it will still function as a method of creating and maintaining airspaces throughout the heap to improve airflow. However, if you are adding wet woodchip into your HOTBIN you should add an extra handful of card/paper to counteract the extra moisture. Keeping woodchip undercover, and as dry as possible, will remove the need for extra card/paper.

How often should I add woodchip?

Every time you feed the HOTBIN to maintain the flow of oxygen around the structure of free air spaces (aeration). Mix in a couple of handfuls with every 5 litre kitchen caddy full of fresh waste that you add.

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