Collecting Kitchen Waste For HOTBIN

Collecting Kitchen Waste For HOTBIN

Do I Need a Kitchen Caddy?

Lidded Kitchen Caddy for Food Waste


Any container can be used to collect food and kitchen waste, you can use a bowl to collect peelings during food prep but be sure to use a defined 'container' with a lid to help the whole family focus on where to put kitchen peelings and plate scrapings. 

How Can I Stop my Caddy/Container From Smelling?

If emptying your caddy/container on a regular basis then you should not have any odours omitting from the waste in your caddy/container.

To prevent food debris sticking to walls, you can line the caddy/container with kitchen towel or put a handful of shredded paper or cardboard in the bottom of the caddy/container. This will also help absorb excess moisture before waste is added to the HOTBIN.

Ensuring your caddy/container is washed on a regular basis can stop the build-up of waste sticking to the walls.

Too Much Hassle and a Bit Fiddly?

Once you have the routine, it seems no more or less trouble than washing the messy caddy/container several times a month!

Empty the caddy/container into the HOTBIN 2-3 times a week and try not to leave waste in the caddy/container for more than 7 days. The bacteria in the HOTBIN like fresh waste and leaving waste in the caddy/container will allow it to decompose if left in there too long.

How Can I Stop my Caddy/Container Attracting Flies?

Flies are attracted to odour from decaying food – stop the odours, stop the flies.


  • As above – keep your caddy/container lined, clean and empty regularly.

  • If concerned you purchase caddies with carbon filters built into the lid – this will reduce the amount of odour leaving the caddy.
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