Supporting New Therapy Garden With HOTBIN Donation

Supporting New Therapy Garden With HOTBIN Donation

HOTBIN were delighted to donate a HOTBIN Mega compost bin to the Therapy Garden at Craig-Y-Nos run by Annabelle Padwick, founder of Life at No.27, a not-for-profit organisation that supports children and adults who are struggling with their mental health through gardening therapy.

HOTBIN Induction On Site at Therapy Garden

Annabelle, a professional gardener and wellbeing practitioner, is focused on putting gardening at the forefront of mental health care in the UK. Her journey started in 2015 with an online blog, Life at No. 27, which documented her allotment journey with her ‘number 27’ allotment site. Having faced her own mental health struggles, Annabelle found solace in gardening and created a new vision for Life at No.27 which would create an allotment-based support network that would help people struggling with their mental health and would be easily accessible through self-referral, GPs, Psychiatrists and local councils.

The HOTBIN team helped set up the new HOTBIN Mega compost bin whilst providing an induction to the on-site therapy and café team on how to operate the unit and get the most from it.

HOTBIN Team Help Set Up HOTBIN Mega

Annabelle, said: “Such an exciting day for Life at No. 27 and myself today! We welcomed HOTBIN Composting to our Craig-Y-Nos Therapy Garden, who delivered us the dream HOTBIN Mega 700l composter. I'm so excited to start using it, help our client gardeners learn how to use it and see them reap the rewards of having super nutritious compost for their food growing. Due to the incredible skill behind the HOTBIN design, the cafe onsite will be teaming up with us in composting now too, so all their food waste will be mixed in with our paper waste and plant materials.  Can't wait to have a full circle setup with produce being grown, going into the cafe and any waste going back into the garden as garden gold!”

The link between gardening and mental health is well documented and HOTBIN are pleased to be able to support an important initiative in such beautiful surroundings. We hope the HOTBIN Mega composter will provide plenty of composting assistance for the Therapy Garden and on-site café.

Learn more about Life at No 27 and the network of therapy gardens.

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