How To Use the Valve

How To Use the Valve

What Does the Valve Do?

Each HOTBIN has a valve in the lid which helps maintain s supplied with either one (HOTBIN Mega) or two (HOTBIN 200l and HOTBIN Mini) thermometers. These indicate the internal temperature inside the HOTBIN to ensure that certain waste types are added in at the correct temperature. For example, cooked food waste should only be added when the internal temperature is over 40°c.

How Should the Valve Be Set?

It is easy to miss checking the valve setting when you first set up your HOTBIN however it is important for its operation to ensure that it is set at around 2mm. The images below indicate how far the valve should be open in certain circumstances.

During Delivery
Standard Position
(2mm Open)
Over 70°c
(Fully Open)
HOTBIN Valve Closed HOTBIN Valve Open HOTBIN Valve Fully open

The valve is set to its closed position during transit.

There is no need to close the the valve during everyday operation of the HOTBIN.

During normal operation set the valve to the optimum position of as pictured above.

The valve should be left in this position.

Opening the valve will cause the pressure to drop and the HOTBIN will cool rapidly.

Only open if the internal temperature is above 70°c - it will normally only take a couple of hours to cool back below 60°c.

NB: Remember to close after a few house as the temperature will not stay above 30°c when the valve is open.

 NB: If you are experiencing temperature problems with your HOTBIN the first thing you should do is check the valve setting.

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