How to Use the Thermometers?

How to Use the Thermometers?

Why Does HOTBIN Have Thermometers?

Each HOTBIN is supplied with either one (HOTBIN Mega) or two (HOTBIN 200 and HOTBIN Mini) thermometers. These indicate the internal temperature inside the HOTBIN to ensure that certain waste types are added in at the correct temperature. For example, cooked food waste should only be added when the internal temperature is over 40°c.

Using the Internal Thermometer in the HOTBIN 200 / HOTBIN Mini

Be aware that the thermometers measure both Celsius (°c) and Fahrenheit (°f), so always check that the correct dial is being read.

For an accurate internal measurement, place the thermometer into the hottest most active layer of waste, typically the top 5-10cm, close the lid and leave for a few minutes. Try not to leave the thermometer in the HOTBIN as its easy to forget about it when adding waste - you’ll soon find it buried!

Take care not to leave the lid open for long as this will let out the heat and if you are stuck for somewhere to store the thermometer, why not pop it inside the cam strap on the side of the HOTBIN?

Why the Lid Thermometer Can Be Misleading

The lid thermometer measures the temperature of the steam leaving the HOTBIN. If there is a large void of empty space inside the HOTBIN, heat will be lost as it rises from the top of the waste inside and reaches the lid thermometer. Unfortunately, unless the HOTBIN is more than half full the lid gauge will provide a variance in temperature of at least 10°c, rising to as much as 20-30°c during the winter months.

Why Does the HOTBIN Mega Have Only One Thermometer?

For two reasons. First, the HOTBIN Mega is typically sited on an allotment setting and therefore is usually filled up faster with a vaster quantity of waste that the other domestic units - therefore the lid thermometer is usually more accurate. Second, the waste that is usually added to a HOTBIN Mega is allotment waste that does not require the minimum temperature of 40°c.

If you think you might be composting cooked food waste inside the HOTBIN Mega, (although we don’t advise using it solely for this purpose) and would like a second thermometer these are available to purchase directly from HOTBIN or elsewhere online.

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