How to Keep My HOTBIN Clean?

How to Keep My HOTBIN Clean?

Why Should I Keep the HOTBIN Clean?

Rodents and other pests are largely attracted to compost bins because they can smell a food source. By keeping the HOTBIN and the surrounding area as clean as possible (for a compost bin) this can help in reducing the attraction of pests. There are a couple of considerations for your HOTBIN's hygiene.

Adding Waste

Be careful when adding waste to the HOTBIN. Small scraps can easily get stuck to the lid and around the rim of the HOTBIN. After you add waste, give the area a quick wipe down with a piece of kitchen towel and then add this to the HOTBIN. Check that the exterior walls of the HOTBIN are clean too and free from any waste scraps.

Removing Compost

Ideally we recommend that you empty your HOTBIN as soon as your compost is ready, roughly 3 months for a richer grade compost and 1 month for a mulching grade. This will help ensure that the compost does not start to compress and restrict airflow. We strongly advise that compost is not left in the bin for any longer than 6 months as this could result in the HOTBIN turning anaerobic and smelly. If you require help on whether your compost is ready to take out please visit our post 'what your compost looks like'.

When removing compost from the HOTBIN always clean up afterwards. Some handy tips are:

  • Place tarpaulin on the ground in front of the bin before you open it and use the HOTBIN hatch as a table to remove the compost onto.

  • Use a plastic trowel to scrape the compost from the walls of the HOTBIN. If you only have access to metal tools, please be very careful not to damage the interior. Remove any loose compost particles from around the edges of the HOTBIN hatch and where the hatch secures into place.

Take Care

Rubber Gloves

Always wipe down the HOTBIN down with non-abrasive materials and avoid using harsh chemicals. Do not use a pressure washer on the HOTBIN as this may cause serious damage to the bin.

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