Why Choose HOT Composting?

Why Choose HOT Composting?

Why Should I Compost at All?

Composting is a great way to divert food and garden waste from landfill and recycle it into nutrient-rich organic matter for use on the garden, returning nutrients back to the ground and helping improve soil health and plant growth. Making homemade compost creates an environmentally friendly cycle of reducing food and garden waste destined for landfill by recycling this into compost for use around the garden to grow your own. It also reduces kerbside waste collections too!

Compost is great for use in planting up, top dressing and digging in – in fact there are lots of ways to use organic matter around the garden, it’s also a great way for the whole family to enjoy gardening. Adding compost is especially good for clay soil where the addition of organic matter over time helps break down the solid clay structure.

Why Should Beginners Choose to Hot Compost?

If you are a composting beginner you may be scratching your head as to which method to begin with. Unlike many cold composting systems, a hot composting system allows you to recycle more types of waste and produce compost faster. So, add in all your usual vegetable and garden waste, watch the heat soar and then start adding cooked food, meat, small bones and perennial weeds. There is no back-breaking tumbling or turning involved to get air into the pile. HOTBIN is designed to be a continuous process where you add waste into the top along with woodchip (aeration) and shredded paper (control moisture) and remove compost via the large hatch at the bottom. HOTBIN is fully sealed and contains a built-in bio filter to trap any escaping composting odours.

How Does HOTBIN Work?

HOTBIN is a hungry beast, however the process is easy for beginners and experienced composters alike. The hot composting process is a natural one and no accelerators are needed, simply add in waste along with woodchip and paper (great way to get rid of old shredded documents) and the naturally occurring bacteria will break this down producing heat as a bi-product. HOTBIN simply insulates this heat with its thick expanded polypropylene walls, locking in the heat and allowing the internal temperature to soar to 40-60°c.

Expect Compost 32 Times Faster than Cold Composting

HOTBIN produces compost 32 times faster than traditional, cold composting methods – so you can expect mulching compost in around 30 days and rich compost in 90. Expect lovely sticky compost which is rich in nutrients and has a high humus content.

HOTBIN Compost in a Bucket

Environmental Benefits of Composting with the HOTBIN

  • Reduces waste going to landfill by recycling all waste into rich peat-free compost.
  • Reduction in kerbside waste collections
  • Manufactured from recyclable expanded polypropylene which is 96% air
  • No VOC’s are used during the HOTBIN manufacturing process
  • Manufactured in the UK

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