Where Can I Locate the HOTBIN?

Where Can I Locate the HOTBIN?

Simply put the HOTBIN can be located outside on any firm level surface.

Flat Surface

Any flat surface; soil, grass, paving stones, patio, or gravel. This is not only to ensure stability but to allow the liquid fertiliser to drain freely from the HOTBIN. If the HOTBIN is sloping backwards then this could cause problems with draining the liquid fertiliser.

Sun or Shade

The HOTBIN will operate in sun or shade and unlike many other composting bins the external temperature will have little to no effect on the internal temperature of the unit.

The internal temperature reached by the HOTBIN is dependent upon the type, frequency and quantity of waste added. During the spring and summer months, the balance and variety of waste types being added to your HOTBIN may differ quite significantly to that which are added during autumn and winter. This contrast in the types and quantity of waste added on each occasion will influence the rate at which the hot composting bacteria digest the waste and release heat into the unit as a by-product of the decomposition process.

Sheltered Spot

Although not essential, placing the HOTBIN near a fence or hedge can be beneficial in extreme weather as this will help to increase the stability of the HOTBIN, try to ensure all walls have clearance of 15-20cm.

Close to the House

Locating the HOTBIN close to the back door/house can make it easy to pop out and empty your food waste in. The HOTBIN charcoal filter in the lid minimises any composting odours so you can situate the HOTBIN near to your house for convenience.


Yes - we have several users who have located the HOTBIN in their greenhouse. Composting releases water, carbon dioxide and heat. The HOTBIN expels warm carbon dioxide and water vapour (steam) via the valve. Your greenhouse plants will use the carbon dioxide and the water vapour (which will reduce watering). The HOTBIN will provide a small amount of heat to the greenhouse. How much heat depends on how much waste you are adding each week. It is probably just enough to keep the frost off - but will not 'heat' the greenhouse.

Garage / Shed

No. The reason is composting releases large volumes of steam/ water vapour which may cause issues with damp in a garage or shed which have little to no ventilation. Additionally, there will also be the liquid fertiliser (leachate) which will need to be collected from the HOTBIN and this may drip onto the floor during

What About Composting in Cold Countries?

From our own experience and that of our customers in countries such as the Falkland Islands, Norway, Sweden and Finland, extremely cold external temperatures do not prevent hot composting temperatures of between 40-60°c from being achieved and sustained because of the highly insulating nature of the HOTBINs’ material. This is assuming a regular addition of fresh waste is added every 2-3 days.

Please Note:

  • If you wish to relocate your HOTBIN, do not attempt to move the HOTBIN when full - it is likely to be extremely heavy and could result in injury.

  • All HOTBIN’s will produce liquid fertiliser, however not all have a collection reservoir for the liquid fertiliser so you may find this visible on the ground depending on her your HOTBIN is located. This brown looking liquid is not permanent and is easy to wash off using a stiff brush with water if visible on a patio or paving.

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