How Weatherproof is HOTBIN?

How Weatherproof is HOTBIN?

HOTBIN is made from durable EPP and can be situated on any flat surface in sun or in shade.

Will the HOTBIN Blow Over in the Wind?

When filled with waste the HOTBIN is transformed from a lightweight unit to a heavy one depending on the weight of waste inside. As compost forms and material settles, it is common for the HOTBIN to hold in excess of 50kg of weight. That said, like anything outside, the HOTBIN could be affected in gale-force winds and other extreme weather.

Advice for High Wind Prone Areas

The HOTBIN is at its lightest before composting is well under way, therefore if concerned about high winds then we recommend;

  • HOTBIN is not designed to be left outside ‘empty’ so either
    • Leave the bag of bulking agent bag (10Kg) in the HOTBIN
    • Place in a shed or garage until the unit is set up
  • Locate the unit in a sheltered location by a fence, wall or hedge.
  • Ensure the lid is closed tightly to prevent lifting in high winds. Pop a brick on top if required.
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