How Much Compost Will HOTBIN Produce?

How Much Compost Will HOTBIN Produce?

The volume of compost HOTBIN will produce will vary depending on the waste added and how the HOTBIN operates.

If adding waste on a regular basis the HOTBIN should produce approximately 2-3kg of rich general-purpose compost for every 10kg of waste added.

Infographic - amount of compost HOTBIN will create

The average user will empty the HOTBIN 4 times a year (every 3 months based on a 90 day compost). Each time around 60-70 Litres will be taken out – approximately one wheelbarrow full.

The compost removed from the HOTBIN will have a higher moister content than bagged compost purchased from a garden centre and when the compost has been aired it will fluff up and become bulkier.

Please be aware that these figures can vary - the more waste that is added, the more bacterial activity, the higher the internal temperature and the quicker waste is broken down and compost is produced.

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